12 Free Learning Websites {For Kids}

Prevent the summer slide and keep your kids brains busy on those hot summer days. Turning to inside play is a winner on those unbearable summer days. Reading and learning is always a great choice. With today being the first official day of summer we are feeling the hot sticky heat here in the Carolina Foothills. Normally it is not so sticky, but we will make do for now until it passes to just burning hot. It all depends on the resources you have in your area for more family/kid geared activities. We are already having a blast this summer with lots of activities, crafts, trips, learning and reading with our local participating partners.  

Our school sent home lots of resources last week for the summer to help us keep from sliding. Yes, we just got out on the 13th for summer. So far our schedule is going pretty well and the kids are adjusting just fine. This list is full of great elementary kid style websites! Some do have options to purchase if that is something you would be interested in. However, you don't have to if you don't want to. 

Magnificent Choices- Tacky Box Review

Have you ever said or done something that deserved the tacky crown? What about your little(s)? Mine have. Social skills are so important for kids to experience. Throughout the day my kids are hanging around friends and even riding the bus where there are older kids using tacky words. They then repeat what they hear later on.  Luckily, a creative mom out there came up with a solution for our parenting endeavours. A tool to help your child and your family make better choices. When our Tacky Box came to the front door, the kids instantly wanted to start creating art and hearing a brand new story. It is so thrilling to be a part of this wonderful Campaign for Kindness and I instantly had high hopes. Not to mention that beautifully engraved wooden box complete with a latch that partners so perfectly with the story. Your kids can be like the character in the book, because they too have a Tacky Box. The book is of excellent quality and the vividly drawn pictures on each page just pulls you in even more. 


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